Crysis Benchmark Tool

Freitag, 23. Nov. 2007 20:15 - [jp]

Crysis hat zwar einen Benchmark integriert, allerdings ist dieser nicht sehr komfortabel zu nutzen.

Abhilfe schafft hier das Crysis Benchmark Tool.

Executive Summary:
The tool provides a robust front end to benchmarking Crysis. Provides ability to queue up many runs and will provide detailed results for each test as well as an overall summary with accurate averages. The first and foremost goals were simplicity and reliability in the tool and in the benchmark scores. Works with retail and demo.

How To Use:
Simply queue up several different runs mixing settings, resolutions, antialiasing levels and click "Begin benchmark Run".
You can add a frame number where screenshots can be made on every frame for comparison. Use Negative numbers to make a screenshot on every N frame (ie: -399). Hit view button to to view them.
For advanced users you can add custom cvars or import a cfg file that will run globally on all tests.
There is no installer/uninstaller, just unzip and double click to use.

Crysis Benchmark Tool 1.05
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