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Standard Relive your childhood with these games

Revisiting your childhood memories is always a bitter-sweet ride. Instances of our first heartbreaks, the joy of our first cycle, and those heart-warming games...everything fills us with warmth. How good would it be if you could go back in time and relive those memories? Well, we’ll have to wait till the scientists invent the time machine. In the meantime, relish your childhood days by playing these games.
We have accumulated a list of the classic games that all of us must have played once in our lives. These games range from outdoor to indoor games. You can play online games on pc sitting in the comfort of your couch thanks to the advent of technology. So are you ready to go on a rollercoaster ride that will take you to the nostalgic lanes of your childhood? Hop on and read along to find out:

1. Classic Solitaire Deluxe

Do you remember the first time your parents got you a computer? You probably spent hours and hours figuring out the features of your computer. The first thing that caught my eye was the section in the “start” which read “games”. I was thrilled to discover these games. Nothing had seemed so beautiful before. So I did what we all did, played for hours, figuring out these games and eventually getting addicted.
To refresh your memories of this timeless game, we’ve brought to you the Classic Solitaire Deluxe. This game bears all the little tweaks and quirks of the original game. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in, in this strategy game.

2. Ludo Legend

Who doesn’t love a good old round of Ludo? I personally have spent hours and hours playing Ludo while dissing my sister. This game alone has consumed 20% of my childhood memories. While playing Ludo I always had a very competitive edge which makes this game evergreen.
Now, to bring this nostalgic game back into your life, tune in to the game of Ludo Legend. It’s a four-player game that features those amazing features and authentic rules. And unlike real-life, you can’t really cheat in this game. So all the cheaters, watch out!

3. Snake and Ladders

Second to Ludo was the fun-filled game of Snakes & Ladder. This relatively simple game doesn’t require a lot of strategizing. Instead, this game is based on pure luck. I have let out a lot of agony filled cries while the snake used to bite my chance down to the very start of the board.
The best part about this game is that you can either play alone along with the bot. Or you can have your buds play with you. This game will bring back a lot of sweet memories of sheer frustration.

4. Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer Online

Taking a break from the computer games and board games, let’s talk about the games we played in our notebooks. The first game that comes to mind is the basic yet extremely fun game “Tic Tac Toe”. Be honest to God and tell me how many of you could get caught? And how many could trap the other player? It was some sorcery that I still can’t figure out.
This is one of the awesome games you can play with friends online. So let’s try our hand at it again, shall we? Tune in to the Tic Tac Toe game to hone your trapping skills. While this game will bust all your stresses and put you in a happy mood.

5. Bingo Gamepoint

How many of you went with your mother to those house parties where they would place bets on Bingo? I can’t remember the countless number of times I wanted to play Bingo but it was for grown-ups only.
Well, now we all have the chance to relish in this awesome sauce game of Bingo. Place your bets and play your chances because you might just win the whole thing. Bingo is forever timeless and ever-fun.

6. Tetris Twist

The late 90s brought out the magical tool called a console. Tetris was one of the most popular games in this tool. Tetris is an ever-favorite game as it doesn’t age at all. All ages find it highly stress relieving. What’s not to like about a game that arranges block in a way that vanishes everything? This satisfying game doesn’t even need a lot of introduction.
So go ahead and relish in this game one more time and in no time you will find yourself heavily engrossed. Truth be told, this game is highly addictive and gripping.

7. Daily Sudoku

Are you ready to exercise your brain cells? Sudoku will do the trick for your brain. This mind-racking game was much underrated when it came out. But as people started playing it, they realised how good of a mind exercise this is. From levels ranging from easy to very difficult, there is something for everybody.
Bringing back the early 2000s back into action, I present you with Daily Sudoku. Play this game every day to work your brain cells while you release stress. Sudoku is evergreen and highly entertaining.

8. Online Cricket

Cricket is one of the most loved sports in the country. Everyone, men women alike learn its gameplay, rules, and techniques. Cricket is very adventurous and brings back a lot of memories for a lot of us.
So to honor these memories, play online cricket. Its amazing graphics and fun gameplay will make the experience very life-like for you. So you can play in a virtual stadium from the convenience of your couch, what more do you need? Online Cricket is a fantastic game for us 90s kids who want to walk down the memory lane.


These light-hearted games will make you so relaxed and happy. Thanks to the game developers who made sure to capture every little detail of these classic games. From Snakes n Ladders to Cricket, we’ve captured something for everybody. So gather around, go solo, invite your friends or sit around with your family and experience the sweet joy of these childhood games.
However, don’t forget to hop on that time machine to revisit your childhood memories. Wanting to have more great time to play games with your loved one and relive your childhood? Let’s try out more amazing top best free games for couples on Mantigames - Coolest online games.

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