Mp3Tag 2.43b Beta Download

Montag, 13. Jul. 2009 11:10 - [jp]

Vom beliebten Tagging-Tool "Mp3Tag" ist eine neue Version erschienen.

Die neueste Ausgabe von Mp3Tag trägt die Versionsnummer 2.43b Beta undbringt einige Änderungen mit sich.

  • NEW: field %_cover_type% containing cover type of first embedded cover art.
  • NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via 'Format value' actions (values separated by ).
  • NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via direct editing in the file view (values separated by ).
  • NEW: option 'Correct aspect ratio' at right-click menu of cover art window.
  • CHG: action 'Merge duplicate fields' now also takes _ALL as field name to merge all fields.
  • CHG: preventing accidentally hiding of columns in the file view.
  • FIX: action 'Convert codepage' did not work in some cases.
  • FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' merged all fields instead of only given one.
  • FIX: adding cover art via drag and drop was not possible anymore after modifying tag panel fields via 'Options > Tag Panel'.
  • FIX: internal changes to prevent runtime errors on invalid file paths.
  • FIX: overflow with negative values as second parameter for $num scripting function.
  • FIX: previous installation directory was not remembered by the installation program.
  • FIX: updated web source.
Download Mp3Tag 2.43b Beta
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