PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 mit Lucid Hydra und Killer NIC

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Auf der Computex wird Powercolor außerdem auch eine Single-Slot und eine Low-Profile Radeon HD 5770 zeigen.

Pressemitteilung der TUL Corporation:

New products and technology will be unveiled during Computex

Taipei, Taiwan May 27, 2010 -- TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, will be unveiling the latest new product information and innovative technologies from PowerColor during Computex. This unparalleled product demo show will be located in Nangang Hall 317 from June 1 to June 4.  Products and technology that have never been shown before from PowerColor will breathe new life into the graphics industry.

Below is a special media sneak peek at what will be revealed, with additional details coming out during the show:

Radeon HD5770 Sniper
The worlds first single card solution combining DirectX 11 GPU and NPU which gives birth to PowerColor HD5770 Sniper edition. Featuring Advanced Game Detect technology, the card can classify the right network traffic and separate the game data for priority treatment, enabling a faster and more fluid gaming experience.
PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 mit Lucid Hydra und Killer NIC
Radeon HD5770 Evolution
The worlds first cross-border graphics solution containing the onboard Hydra Engine, HD5770 evolution edition enables the combination of any GPU from both parties without any extra connector, delivering a faster than one graphics performance with 2 or 3 SLI/CFX GPU support.
PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 mit Lucid Hydra und Killer NIC
Radeon HD5770 Single Slot Edition
The HD5770 single slot edition fulfills the desire of performance and multi-function seekers when space is a premium. The slim HD5770 can maximize your rigs performance in a single slot design, providing the possibility for gamers to upgrade their rig and deliver an out-of-box gaming performance.

Radeon HD5770/HD5750 Low Profile Edition
HD5770/HD5750 low profile edition meets the demand for slim case users who are looking for a superior gaming experience. The HD5770/HD5750 single slot solution can maximize your rigs performance with limited space, enabling the best gaming experience ever show in a slim system.

Vortex Technology
PowerColors unique Vortex Technology provides a distinct, flexible cooling solution for performance graphics cards. Featuring high flexibility, gamers can adjust the cooling fans altitude and maximize the efficiency of air convection by increasing the space between fan and heat resource. Users can also decelerate fan speed to lower noise level by reducing back pressure.
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