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Standard AW: Versucht Intel den AMD Ryzen Launch zu manipulieren?

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It's upset ting to have to say, but should be said. As an IT Director I have already been approached by an Intel representative to discuss the "special promotions" and "Incentive rebates" that they are willing to offer me for purchasing exclusively Intel powered servers. I was not well received when I explained that I would not be purchasing anything until I see the benchmarks of the new Ryzen (naples) core and compare the cost-to-performance ratio. It was at that point they made it very clear that they would go to great lengths from a financial standpoint to incentivize me to NOT purchase AMD chips.

These are the tactics that were used back in the day that AMD had feared would be used again. Intel offered "loyalty rebates" and other clever promotions to hide the fact that they were paying customers to lock out the competition. I sincerely hope that other IT Directors and all in IT in general do what's best for the industry and choose based off of what's best for the consumer and their environment. The rebates are nice and all, but if we continue to hurt AMD for a small rebate, we destroy AMD's ability to compete and enable Intel to continue their "Tick-Tock" releases and oppressive pricing.

Be aware folks, Intel is scared and is already looking to use their weight and $'s to NOT out innovate, but to obstruct competitions ability to enter the marketplace. Why else would they be contacting and attempting to "Incentivize" customers well before the launch of AMD's server chips in Q2-Q3?

Sorry for the rant, but these past few years from Intel have been terrible from a pricing and tech innovation standpoint. I would hate to see AMD get the shaft after building such a great product over the last 5 years with the help of Jim Keller and AMD architect Mike Clark. They did such a great job turning the CPU division around it should have the ability to be judged on its own merits and not locked out by Intel to prolong the CPU stagnation in the market.
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