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jokeris befindet sich auf einem aufstrebenden Ast

Standard AW: ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA Bios

I ve tried Hirens on usb flash but still the same.I also tried memtest86 on usb...still the same.Still that flashing underscore at the upper left screen.If I change the cpu to an old P4 @3.2 it boots OK (hdd or flash usb).When I place the Q6600 it hangs after loading the bios.So I thought there is something wrong with the 2.39b.The ram I have is 2X512 (for the test) and the mb is just placed on a table.No cables,no speaker.In the evening,when I get home,I will put some speaker to see if there is a post error.I will also try the last official bios.
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