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Malcom befindet sich auf einem aufstrebenden Ast


IDE RAID Controller

HighPoint’s HPT370 is in essence a PCI Dual Channel ATA/100 RAID controller integrated on a motherboard that supports up to four ATA/100 harddisks or IDE/ATAPI devices with a burst transfer rate of up to 100 MB/Sec. The HPT370 is fully backward-compatible with all IDE/ATAPI devices, including ATA/66, 33, E-IDE, IDE drives and CDROM drives, which means that you can use all of your older devices with the HPT370. The HPT370 co-exists with motherboard IDE ports, effectively adding two additional IDE/ATAPI channels and allowing connection of up to eight IDE/ATAPI devices to the system. It also features Hot Swap capabilities, which will enable removal of IDE/ATAPI devices from the system without shut-down.

hab ich im netz gefunden. damit nicht welche sagen CDroms gehn an einem IDE-Raid controller net.
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