Unigine Heaven Benchmark: Download der Version 2.0

Dienstag, 23. Mär. 2010 20:43 - [jp] - Quelle: Unigine

Die Unigine Corporation hat heute die zweite Version des Unigine Heaven Benchmark veröffentlicht.

CEO Denis Shergin zur neuen Version:

"Our company has been pushing the limits of advanced 3D real-time technologies with Unigine engine for almost 5 years. We focus on consistent delivering of all the innovation power to game developers and end users by taking advantage of modern GPUs capabilities. So we couldn't have missed the next major stage of DirectX evolution with its inspiring features. We are happy to be the first benchmark provider for this amazing technology. I hope that our strategic relationship with Microsoft will continue."

Der Unigine Heaven Benchmark in der Version 2.0 bietet folgende Neuerungen:
  • Heavier tessellation load
  • Several major optimizations of the engine
  • Added new elaborated objects in the world
  • Physics-driven flags
  • Enhancements of some old assets
  • Introduced "moderate" and "extreme" tessellation modes
Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.0
Unigine Heaven Benchmark: Download der Version 2.0
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