SiS656 mit PCI Express und DDR2

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Der erste neue Pentium 4-Chipsatz zur diesjährigen CeBIT kommt von SiS. Der SiS656 bietet PCI Express-Support für neue Grafikkarten und kann mit DDR2-Speicher umgehen, der mit bis zu 667 MHz getaktet wird.

Durch die Dual-Channel-Fähigkeit stehen dem Prozessor dadurch bis zu 10,6 GByte/s zur Verfügung, die sicherlich nur durch einen schnelleren FSB sinnvoll ausgenutzt werden können. In Kombination mit der SiS965-Southbridge verfügt der Chipüsatz über GBit-LAN, 8 USB 2.0-Ports, 7.1-Sound sowie jeweils vier serielle und parallele IDE-Schnittstellen. Pressemitteilung SiS Launches First PCI Express Pentium4 North Bridge Chipset, the SiS656 Taipei, March 18, 2004- Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, today announced the launch of its newest North Bridge for the Intel Pentium 4 CPU, the SiS656. The SiS656 is the first SiS P4 North Bridge to support the new PCI-E standard and will offer vendors the option of pairing it with the new SiS965 South Bridge that also supports PCI-E. With a complete lineup of next-generation ready chipsets for PC and notebooks, SiS offers vendors a complete PCI-E solution. The new PCI Express hardware interface standard promises to revolutionize personal computing. PCI Express replaces the old PCI interface, which has been in place for the past decade, in favor of a higher bandwidth PCI Express interface which will be used by the next generation of graphic cards and WLAN cards. The main advantage of PCI Express is that it provides up to nearly 2 times the bandwidth compared with the current PCI slots, with data transmission possible at 2.5 GHz. Particularly exciting is the PCI Express graphic interface, with twice the available bandwidth of the current AGP 8x interface, promising an entirely new standard in 3D applications. The SiS656 is ready for tomorrows bandwidth-intensive applications today: Advanced HyperStreaming technology, delivering even higher overall performance in comparison with HyperStreaming technology, offers more advanced data processing that maintains the best resource utilization across multiple operating environments. Moreover, SiS MuTIOL 1G technology, embedded in SiS656 chipset, ensures the smoothest data transfer between South and North Bridges and the fastest bus architecture available on a desktop PC chipset. Memory-intensive digital multimedia applications will also benefit from the support for dual channel DDR2-667 and DDR400 offered with the SiS656 chipset. 4 DIMMS are supported, with a huge 1 GB per DIMM of RAM, for a total of 4GB of system memory supported. The SiS656 employs an extremely flexible dual-channel memory architecture that supports all types and capacities of memory modules while retaining full dual-channel functions at a memory bandwidth up to 10.6GB/s with DDR2-667 modules and 6.4 GB/s with DDR400 modules. The SiS656 also supports the new PCI Express x16 interface, which provides an 8GB/s bi-direction transfer rate, compared with the current AGP 8x standard of 2.1GB/s. Game developers, graphics card manufacturers and gamers themselves see this move to PCIE 16x as the next evolutionary step for PC gaming, which will revolutionize the gaming industry. Combined with SiS latest South Bridge Chipset SiS965, the SiS656 offers buyers a formidable combination that is ready for the next generation of peripheral devices thanks to PCI-E support. The SiS965 supports PCI-E x1, gigabit LAN, 8 USB 2.0 ports, AC 97 7.1 channel sound, 4 SATA and 4 PATA. The SiS965 also supports Multiple RAID disk array modes in RAID0, 1, 0+1 and JBOD. When combined with the raw processing might of the Intel Pentium processor with Hyper-Threading technology, the SiS656 makes a formidable platform for digital and home entertainment. With Hyper-Threading technology, the processor is able to execute two threads of a program at the same time, making it the ideal choice for a digital multimedia entertainment hub, where demanding applications such as streaming audio and video require an advanced processor. SiS is proud to offer our customers a Pentium 4 PCI Express solution, said Michael Chen, President and CEO of SiS. With the SiS656, SiS gives Pentium 4 users the benefits of advanced PCI Express technology. Vendor samples are available now, with motherboards based on the SiS656 due to hit the market in May.
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