BenQ: Erster TFT-Monitor mit 12 ms Reaktionszeit

Donnerstag, 29. Jan. 2004 15:05 - [fs] - Quelle:

BenQ hat heute den ersten 17-Zoll-TFT-Monitor mit einer Reaktionszeit von 12 ms angekündigt. Ob man diesen Herstellerangaben trauen kann, müssen wohl die ersten Tests zeigen.

Die Reaktionszeit gibt die Geschwindigkeit eines Weiss-Schwarz-Weiss-Wechsels für einen Pixel an. Hier versuchen einige Hersteller etwas zu pfuschen und geben nur den Wert von Weiss auf Schwarz an, BenQ benutzt die Definition allerdings richtig. Pressemitteilung BenQ debuts new 17" LCD Monitor with 12ms Response Time Europe, 28th of January, 2004 Having led the wave of LCD monitors with super-fast response time of just 16ms, BenQ today debuts 12ms, bringing users the next level of ultra-fast response time. The BenQ FP767-12 LCD monitor will be BenQs first product to incorporate the ultra-fast response time. According to standards set by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), the frequency required to attain flicker-free display with a CRT is 72Hz. In the past, LCD monitors with 16ms response time that prevailed in the market supported frequencies only up to 63Hz (1/0.016), causing their display performance to be inferior compared to CRT monitors. Therefore, gamers continued to use CRT monitors. BenQ's new FP767-12 LCD monitor delineates a breakthrough, having reduced the response time to 12ms. The LCD panels used can support a display frequency of 83Hz (1/0.012). Coupled with BenQ's sophisticated electronic design, BenQ's LCD monitors achieve the full performance potential of the hardware, enabling it to fully support the 75Hz working frequency of VGA cards, as well as its targeted applications. The amazingly fast 12ms response time made possible by BenQ LCD monitors provides remarkable fluid video and other visual effects; furthermore it reduces ghosting and jagged pixel effects, making it ideal for watching movies, streaming video, or playing games. The result is that dynamic game and movie scenes displayed at 75 frames per second appear without breaks, offering display quality fully the equal of a CRT monitor's. Response time is the screens signal reaction speed that refers to the time it takes for a liquid crystal panel to go from total white to total black and then back again. A 16ms LCD monitor corresponds 63 images (1/0.016) per second, while 12ms response time is correspondent to 83 images (1/0.012) per second that translates smoother and more fluid images. BenQ FP767-12 features a 12ms response time, pixel pitch of 0.264mm, 500:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 300 cd/m2 for photo realistic images, resolution of 1280 x 1024, and comes with a D-sub input connector and built-in speaker in a black/silver frame. Are you ready to experience the Joy with the new BenQ FP767-12 LCD Monitor?
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