DirectX 10 unter XP - es geht weiter

Dienstag, 15. Mai. 2007 21:38 - [jp]

Wir haben kürzlich über ein Projekt berichtet, welches DirectX 10 für Windows XP ermöglichen soll.

Nun geht es weiter. Wie in dem Blog zu lesen ist, haben die Jungs des "Alky Project" Unterstützung von "" erhalten und arbeiten nun zusammen:

"After months of deliberation, we're proud to announce that we have "merged" with Project VAIO from over at Technically speaking, they have joined our ranks and we'll all be operating under the Falling Leaf flag from now on. This is exciting news for us not only because it provides us with some new talent, but it also provides us with a new codebase to merge with our own and work to improve.

One thing this has immediately made possible is a much shorter timeframe on the release of our product for supporting Halo 2 and Shadowrun on Windows XP. You can place preorders of these games on our site through Amazon and receive, free of charge, our initial release of the Alky Compatibility Libraries when they launch. Currently, our estimate is late July, but it isn't solid."

Mehr dazu im Blog von Alky Project.
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