HIS holt den Turbo raus - Zwei neue PCIe Karten auf dem Markt

Donnerstag, 20. Jul. 2006 15:44 - [al]

Heute stellt HIS die HIS X1900XTX IceQ3 Turbo Dual DL-DVI VIVO 512MB PCIe vor. Zudem gab es vor drei Tagen die IceQ Edition der X1600XT 2x Dual Link DVI mit 128MB GDDR3 Speicher.

HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo 2x Dual Link DVI + VIVO

HIS (Hightech Information System Limited) unveils the HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo 2x Dual Link DVI + VIVO card, running even faster than the fastest card in the world! HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo equips HIS latest cooling technology – IceQ 3, and guarantees safely overclock to an ultimate level, as fast as 700MHz core and 1.7GHz memory speed. HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo is the fastest gaming graphic card on the earth. HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo featured with ultra fast 48 pixel shader processors, SM 3.0 and AVIVO latest graphic technologies, bringing you unrivalled visual quality. HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo brings HD gaming to the next level of experience. HIS IceQ 3 keeps your card cooler with less noise, gives you extra head room for speeding, extends card service life and provides you a quieter environment for gaming experience than ATI original solution.
  • Faster: iTurbo boosts your card to 700MHz and 1.7GHz ultimate guarantee speed
  • Cooler: IceQ 3 cools down the core temperature dramatically, at least 11°C lower than original cooler.
  • Quieter: IceQ 3 operates with lower noise level as 20dB.
  • All Cool: Sensitive to Ultra violet light with special UV effect.
The world’s fastest GPU
Designed from the ground up to deliver maximum graphical detail at ultra-high frame rates, the HISX1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo state-of-the-art architecture includes an ultra-threaded engine for unparalleled shader performance. In addition, it is CrossFire ready, allowing your greatest multi-GPU fantasies to come true.

Next generation image quality
HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo enables cinematic special effects, allowing HD gaming in HDR with Anti-Aliasing turned on. HIS X1900XTX IceQ 3 Turbo benefits on the latest ATI Avivo technology, delivers multiformat HD-video support including H.264. The advanced display engine delivers high-quality, pixel-accurate DVD scaling up to 1080p. The 2x Dual link DVI supports for two 2560 x 1600 displays.


IceQ Edition der X1600XT 2x Dual Link DVI mit 128MB GDDR3 Speicher

HIS (Hightech Information System Limited) delivers the HIS X1600XT IceQ 2x Dual Link DVI 128MB GDDR3 card, promising faster, quieter and cooler radically new 3D performance architecture technology with the double Dual Link DVI feature and the next generation image quality by ATI.

The strongest air cooling technology - IceQ
HIS X1600XT IceQ equips with the most efficient cooling technology among the current graphic cards' series. HIS IceQ can actively draw the air inside your PC case to cool down the card, and blows amounts of hot air out of your case, dramatically decreasing the GPU temperature together with your PC components. Our laboratory tests have proven that there is a temperature decrease at least 11°C, a cooling system with no equivalent! Ultra quiet HIS IceQ fan keeps the noise level below 20dB. HIS X1600XT IceQ is also UV sensitive, enhancing the gamer's UV light case.

Faster, Quieter and Cooler
  • Faster: Heat transfers rapidly out of GPU and reduces temperature faster
  • Cooler: Lower than other cooling solution
  • Quieter: Less than 20dB
  • All Cool: Durability, IceQ extends the Card Life
  • Radically new 3D performance architecture
HIS X1600XT IceQ 2x Dual Link DVI 128MB GDDR3 powered by the new ultra-threaded 3D core architecture, with advanced 90nm micron process, allows the core operating in exceptional performance. Optimizing the latest Shader Model 3.0 and DirectX 9 technologies, which enhances the gaming experience. HIS X1600XT IceQ features new 256-bit Ring Bus memory controller, with the new cache design provides lightning fast memory control for rendering engines.

Next generation image quality
HIS X1600XT IceQ 2x Dual Link DVI 128MB GDDR3 benefits on the latest ATI Avivo technology. With an
impressive quality in video capture and play back via H.264/VC1 acceleration and universal connectivity, it
turns HIS X1600XT IceQ into an HD ready media PC perfect for watching videos and viewing/editing photos.

The advanced High Dynamic Range rendering, enhanced realism with adaptive anti-aliasing. The double
Dual Link DVI is implemented, supporting ultra high resolution LCDs capable of 2560 x 1600. Built for the future, the HIS X1600XT IceQ is CrossFire Ready to deliver the ultimate gaming performance that works with all games.
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