Download: Mp3Tag 2.40a Beta

Montag, 17. Mär. 2008 12:47 - [jp]

Das wohl beliebteste Programm zum Bearbeiten von Tags ist Mp3Tag.

Nun steht eine neue Beta-Version des Programms zum Download bereit. Die Version 2.40a Beta bringt einige Neuerungen, Änderungen und Fixes mit sich.

  • NEW: 'Edit > Undo' runs in separate thread now.
  • NEW: 'Utils > Convert Codepage' at freedb dialog.
  • NEW: helper menus for quick access to placeholders and scripting functions at 'View > Columns...'.
  • CHG: added mnemonics to filter.
  • CHG: changed behaviour of F2 and F4 keyboard shortcuts at extended tag dialog.
  • CHG: converter 'Tag - Filename' runs in separate thread now.
  • CHG: improved accessibility at extended tags dialog.
  • CHG: invalid characters are now automatically removed from the file name at 'Export cover to file' actions.
  • CHG: minor changes to error reporting at export.
  • CHG: removed detection of already existing album art at action 'Export cover to file'.
  • FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' had no effect (since v2.40).
  • FIX: action 'Remove duplicate fields' had no effect (since v2.40).
  • FIX: encoding of default HTML export configurations now UTF-8 again (since v2.40).
  • FIX: navigation to 'Options > Genres' via Tab key was not possible.
  • FIX: nested subdirectories were not completely removed at undo.
  • FIX: preview at converter 'Text file - Tag' displayed duplicate entries (since v2.40).
  • FIX: UNSYNCEDLYRICS was truncated to 10 characters (since v2.40).
Download Mp3Tag 2.40a Beta
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