foobar2000 Beta 1 Download

Freitag, 13. Mär. 2009 14:02 - [jp]

Der schlanke Audio-Player foobar2000 geht in die nächste Stufe.

Die neueste Ausgabe von foobar2000 trägt die Versionsnummer Beta 1 und bringt einige Änderungen mit sich.

  • Third party components can now register custom protocols with the File Types preferences page.
  • Removed the restriction of just one instance of specific DSP in a DSP chain.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of 3-channel and 5-channel FLAC and Vorbis files.
  • Converter now accepts alternate names for some of command-line encoder binaries (mpcenc.exe, oggenc2.exe).
  • Converter and File Operations components no longer strip trailing dots from names of created files.
  • Improved compatibility with dodgy Windows shell replacements.
  • Automated submission of crash reports.
Download foobar2000 Beta 1
foobar2000 Beta 1 Download
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