Miranda IM 0.8.1 Download

Donnerstag, 25. Jun. 2009 21:46 - [jp]

Kurz nach der Veröffentlichung von Miranda 0.8.0 folgt schon eine neue Version.

Die Version 0.8.1 behebt vor allem Fehler.


  • Improve account renaming inside of the account manager
  • Notification if missing messaging plugin
  • Improved upgrade procedure when using older contact list and messaging plugins
  • Network list in options wasnt sorted
  • Fixed missing icon/menu issues
  • Fixed crash in options on XP pre SP2
  • Fixed errors loading dlls on wrong OS
  • Fixed drawing background in options search
  • Fixed account removal handling
  • Fixed hotkey issue with some MS keyboards
  • Fixed possible crash with event data
  • AIM: Fixed issue with multiple connection requests
  • AIM: Fixed issue setting AIM profile
  • ICQ: Fixed AIM away message handling (caused online status to be seen as away in some clients)
  • IRC: Possible crash on specific alias
  • MSN: Fixed renaming nickname from options
  • MSN: Fixed Offline messaging reception from Beejive client
  • Yahoo: Show download progress properly
  • Yahoo: Cancel out in the middle of file receive.
  • Yahoo: Main menu fixes
Download Miranda IM 0.8.1
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