Splinter Cell Double Agent: Patch 1.02 steht zum Download bereit

Donnerstag, 07. Dez. 2006 18:32 - [jp]

Für "Splinter Cell: Double Agent" ist ein neuer Patch erschienen.

Der Patch 1.02 beseitigt einige Anti-Aliasing-Probleme, hauptsächlich geht es aber um Multiplayer-Belange:

Multiplayer :
  • Disconnexion issues have been fixed at loading time and ingame
  • Invitations are shown in the main online menu and in the lobby
  • A few bugs in squad management have been fixed
  • Fixed a minor display bug while displaying Overall ranking score at the end of a game session
  • Number of particles have been diminished when the corresponding option is set to low.
  • No longer display the 'invite' command when the player you want to invite is already in your game session
Singleplayer :
  • This patch fixes the infamous unlockables bug.
  • The gadgets the player unlocks by completing secondary objectives can be used in the next missions.
Der Patch 1.02 für Splinter Cell: Double Agent ist 28 MB groß und hier zu finden.
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