Download: Partition Logic 0.69

Dienstag, 25. Sep. 2007 17:39 - [jp]

Programme zum Partitionieren von Festplatten kosten in der Regel Geld. Eine interessante und kostenlose Alternative ist "Partition Logic".

Das Programm steht nun in der Version 0.69 bereit und bringt eine ganze Reihe an Änderungen mit.

  • Lots of improvements to the USB subsystem, the UHCI controller driver, and the USB SCSI disk driver.
  • Added support for USB mice and keyboards
  • Implemented a driver for USB hubs.
  • Extensive tuning of the FAT filesystem driver, and the scanning of the FAT at mount time is much faster. Also fixed a small fragmentation bug, and turned a bunch of extraneous error messages into debug messages.
  • The FAT filesystem driver no longer stores the entire FAT in memory.
  • Added basic hardware detection for OpenHCI (OHCI) USB controllers so that they're at least indicated correctly at boot time.
  • Improved checks for removable (CD, floppy, flash, etc.) media changes, invalidating the disk cache when the media changes.
  • The file browsing program now shows the name of the current directory, and remembers any selection from the parent directory so that it's still selected if the user goes back up.
  • Re-wrote much of the PS/2 mouse driver, primarily to deal with out-of-sync situations that could cause the mouse pointer to jump around.
  • Added a '-n' option to the 'format' program, for specifying the volume name (label).
  • Fixed: Partitions were shown with the starting and ending cylinders determined from information in the partition table. This could be inconsistent (particularly in the case where geometries are guessed) with the geometry of the disk as seen by the operating system.
  • Fixed: Using a hotplugged USB disk caused a divide-by-zero exception because the geometry values were zeros. The SCSI disk driver now determines/guesses a geometry, and Partition Logic now ensures that the values are non-zero.
  • Fixed: The file browsing program could crash when you using the 'del' key to delete files.
  • Fixed: An occasional problem with ejecting ATAPI (CD-ROM, etc) devices.
  • Fixed: Spurious interrupts could cause a hang in the interrupt controller driver.
  • Fixed: Command line option processing for the 'format' and 'rm' commands.
  • Fixed: USB "can't enable port" messages.
  • Fixed: The USB UHCI driver was not returning the number of bytes transferred for transactions with a data phase.
  • Fixed: The _xpndfmt() function was causing exceptions when printing pointers in hex using the %p format specifier, and a divide-by-zero fault when printing GUIDs in Partition Logic.
Partition Logic steht als Floppy- und CD-Version zum Download bereit.
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