ASRock P45XE hat Windows 7 Logo-Tests bestanden

Mittwoch, 06. Mai. 2009 16:02 - [jp] - Quelle:Pressemitteilung

ASRock ist stolz mit dem P45XE das weltweit erste Board zu präsentieren, das den Windows 7 Logo-Test bestanden hat.

Pressemitteilung von ASRock

Worldwide First MB manufacturer passed the Windows 7 logo submission

ASRock is proud to announce that our P45XE is the worldwide first motherboard that passed the Windows 7 logo submission and had successfully got the system MB Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit Logo ! ASRock motherboards are fully proofed to be compatible with Windows 7 and we are so proud to announce that we are the worldwide first motherboard manufacturer that obtains this honor!

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ASRock P45XE hat Windows 7 Logo-Tests bestanden
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