Soltek präsentiert die Eisen-Mann-Serie

Freitag, 18. Okt. 2002 21:55 - [al] - Quelle:

Der Mainboardhersteller Soltek sorgt für etwas Aufruhr und Abwechslung im "grauen" Alltagsgeschäft. Mit der neuen "Eisen-Mann" Serie bringt Soltek etwas mehr Farbe auf die Boards. Alle weiteren Informationen finden Sie in der angefügten Pressemitteilung.

Pressemitteilung PROBIER ES SELBST SOLTEK -- USERS "BEST VALUE" CHOICE Founded in 1996 in Taiwan, Soltek Computer Inc, is a high-end mainboard manufacturer with professional in-house teams of product development, sales, marketing, Soltek Eisen Mann artwork design, and customer service. With a strong and dedicated commitment to motherboard development, Soltek is the quickest growing company in the mobo business. Today is Soltek the TOP4 brand in China, while sharing about 45% of Socket A mobo market shares in Korea and establishing outstanding sales records in the European market. World famous testing organizations as of "Toms Hardware", "AnandTech", and "hardtec4u" to name some examples, have well acknowledged Soltek motherboard for its stable, reliable, and overclocking performance while benefiting users with innovating product features and value-added full-version software bundles. Soltek delivers not just motherboards, but provides users with the "Best Value Choice" with best price- performance ratio and ganz-toll service team standing by and assisting users online. "Probier Es Selbst" and fall in love with what Soltek is leading users to enjoy from the fast-changing PC world VALUE-ADDED PACKAGE Soltek packaged is full features and abundant accessories, including 1x IDE cable, 1x ATA cable, 1x USB add-on card, 1x Soltek special mouse pad, driver, complete multi-language manual,and full-version softwares (USUSD285 street price).
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