DFI: Neues MicroATX-Mainboard mit Radeon Xpress X200 Chipsatz

Donnerstag, 12. Jan. 2006 10:08 - [fs]

DFI stellt mit dem RS482 ein neues Mainboard mit ATIs Radeon Xpress X200-Chipsatz vor. Das Sockel 939-Mainboard kommt mit einer integrierten Grafikeinheit, die für HDTV-Wiedergabe dimensioniert ist. Auf dem MicroATX-Board findet aber auch ein 16x PCI Express-Slot Platz.


DFI Unveils the RS482 Infinity Motherboard

Cutting-edge ATI RS482-based solution boasts the fastest on-board graphic performance and richest multimedia feature set, with TV-out, HDTV and DVI.

DFI, a world leader in stable and high performance corporate desktop motherboard solutions, today launched the highly anticipated RS482 Infinity motherboard. Designed for the new AMD Socket 939 platform, the RS482 Infinity features ATI Radeon Xpress 200/SB450 chipset, which comes with X300 graphic core built-in, and features support for DDR400 memory in dual channel mode, S-Video TV-out, HDTV, DVI-D, 16-pipe PCI-Express video cards, 1x PCI Express connector slots for future PCI-E based devices, 2 PCI slots, 8-channel audio, Gigabit LAN, Serial ATA, USB 2.0, and IEEE 1394 Firewire ports in Micro-ATX form factor.


Perfect Solution for 3D Gaming and Home Multimedia
The Radeon Xpress 200 is the first chipset solution in the market with a DirectX 9.0 graphics core that is a derivative of Radeon X300 and features HyperMemoryTM technology. DFI RS482 Infinity supports the next generation OS Microsoft Vista and lets you play the latest game titles on DirectX 9 and OpenGL technology.

DFI RS482 Infinity is also designed to fully meet the increased system bandwidth requirements placed on todays PCs. It delivers the ultimate PC platform for everyday PC applications, whether you are creating, editing and viewing digital photos and streaming video, or browsing the web to view and download media-rich digital files with stunning images. This motherboard also offers universal connectivity to popular peripheral devices using USB 2.0, digital cameras, CD drives, DVD burners, scanners, printers and more, turning your PC into a communications command center.

With the DFI RS482 Infinity you can improve your view with smooth DVD playback and High Definition TV (HDTV) featuring support for the latest graphics cards that enable HDTV on your PC for an outstanding home entertainment experience.

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